Inside Bordeaux von Jane Anson

Jane Anson’s Inside Bordeaux is a veritable Bordeaux encyclopedia. On these pages are records of the details, maps of the region, information about the wine itself and an interesting overview of the terroir. The Bordeaux region is broken down into its details. The soil structures, the exact winery descriptions, the areas and the detailed maps of the individual sub-regions are described.
Jane Anson herself has lived in Bordeaux since 2003 and has written numerous books about the wine produced there. She not only shares her knowledge and her profession in her books, but also in her lectures. She is an accredited teacher at the École du Vin in Bordeaux and holds a Taste diploma from the Bordeaux Faculty of Oenology. On her website (Home – Jane Anson | Inside Bordeaux | you can find out more about her personality and her advertising journey.
Jane Anson is described by Decanter as “the world’s most informed and accomplished expert on the wines of Bordeaux”
Inside Bordeaux reveals more than a few facts about the notorious region. In the 700 pages of the book, even a passionate Bordeaux connoisseur can find out a few new insights about the area. Not only has Jane Anson put what she already knows on paper, she has also commissioned research specifically for Inside Bordeaux. When reading the book, underestimated parts of the Bordelais are discovered, one learns why certain wines taste the way they taste and the landscape and surroundings are not left out either.
It is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the world’s most famous wine region.
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